Hankofen-Hailing cheered late

Hankofen II Wodka A furious final phase supplied Table Guide Spvgg Hanzofen-Hailing. After the most recent defeat against Hallbergmoos, it looked up to minute 86 after another zero number for the Primus, but then Vogl struck with his shot from the penalty area to 1: 1. Shortly before, Kottern had fallen by a yellow-red card against Soyshel. But that's not enough: Hanhofen-Goalgetter Lermer, in the fifth minute of the injection time, was still heavily rejuvenated from around 20 meters 2: 1 victory hit into the net. Two more views later - Kottern Yazir saw still smooth red, Hanzofens Ketzer the traffic light card - was the game over. Coters who presented themselves in a very heated duel at eye level and wanted to secure three important counters against the descent, had gone through a direct free-kick of Yazir with 1: 0 in front. With this success, the SPVGG rebuilt its lead at the top.

For both the SV Kirchanschöring and FC Ingolstadt II did not come beyond undecided. The second representation of the FCI brought in the lower-mentioned - noise still looked smoothly before the break - a 1: 1 at the TSV Schwaben Augsburg, churchman ring separated in an event-poor game with 0: 0 from the TSV Schwabmünchen. However, the TSV Landsberg could not shorten the distance to the pursuer duo, in the home game against Türkpor Augsburg was also a draw on the display panel - 2: 2.

Stauf makes half a dozen full

Three defeats in a row lasted the SV Donaustauf - the mood was correspondingly bad in the ambitious team. Now the Vfr Garching got to feel that and went with 0: 6 under. Early early Hufnagel pushed the ball to the 1-0 for the guests over the line (5th), Radulovic got a little later after a corner by head 2: 0 (10th). Donaustauf also became highly efficient in succession: Özlokam continued a beautiful direct loss to 3: 0 next to the posts (32.). Until the pause, it was even thicker for the negligent defensive of the homelif: with a double pack Hoffmann screwed the result to 5: 0 in the amount: first he net in margin of around ten meters (40th), then he got too much in the penalty area Time and could choose the corner (45.). After the break, the guests screwed back a corridor, now also gave an opportunity. There was a red card for even for Garching Wimmer for a coarse foul in midfield. For the 6-0 final point, the powerful completion of Idrizovic (85.) provided late. The highest season win brings the SVD back four, Garching is just just over the line.

In the basement, Meanwhile, the FC Gundelfingen celebrated an important 1-0 success over the TSV Dachau, Fink made in passage one with its placed graduation for the Golden Gate of the Day - the first BayernLiga hit of the Youngster provided a slightly happy success of the FCG. The SSV Jahn Regensburg II showed in the home game against the FC Deisenhofen after a messed first half morale and turned a 0: 2 residue through two hits from Berglas still in a 2: 2. The SV Pullach and VfB Hallbergmoos separated with a 0-0, which does not quite a long time in the relegation battle. The second representation of the Munich Lions, on the other hand, brings a 3-0 win over the TSV Wasserburg a upholstery between themselves and the red zone.